InnoBuss Research & Consulting (IRC)




IRC is an innovation - business research and consulting firm in helping organizations to be more dynamic in the competitive environment. We believe in client based solution to create new organizational model, form competitive advantage through unique solutions, build capabilities and mobilize organizations, drive sustainable impact, and succeed together with passion and trust. Our approach coalesce deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with collaboration at all levels of the client organization.


Research and Consulting


Together with our clients, we explore the best approach for change and adaptation of environment in an innovative way. We assist clients to determine gaps and problems in the value chain process and suggest appropriate solutions through research and survey.

We also work closely with the development agencies in order to contribute in the economic and societal development.


Capability building


We focus to establish the capacity and capability of the organization as well as individual to innovative approach within their organization through workshop and training program.


For whom we work


InnoBuss Research & Consulting, (IRC) is a global research and consulting firm to serve private, public, and non-profit sectors in all regions in order get their highest value opportunities through overcoming critical challenges.






We also publish academic journal 6 times a year in order to contribute to the domain of knowledge. The Journal is: International Journal of Business and Innovation (ISSN 2309-0693).


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